Adopting a greyhound was the best thing we did!

May 22, 2020

Connie and her family hadn’t planned on getting a dog. That was until they looked into adopting a greyhound and Cyril entered their lives. In this short story Connie shares her experience of adopting Cyril through the Greyhound Trust. 

We got Cyril the greyhound after three weeks of knowing him. He is an ex-racing greyhound and he is the best  dog we could have wished for! 

As a family with two teens at school and both parents at work full time we had not planned to get a dog, but after some research we decided to contact the Greyhound Trust for more information. 

Before we knew it we had found a centre nearby and joined their weekly walk. At the centre you can go and walk the dogs that are available for re-homing to get a taste for the breed. 

Instant love

The first time we walked Cyril we fell in love! We never thought we could have a dog due to our lifestyle and the fact we have a cat. 

The Greyhound Trust was so helpful and we quickly learned that greyhounds are not all they seem. They do not actually need a huge amount of exercise (2 walks a day) and can sometimes be amenable to fairly long periods of time alone. 

I couldn’t recommend the breed enough and it feels so good to have given him a home and a family!”

Just after Christmas 2020 we decided we would take Cyril home, and the rest is history! He settled very quickly in his new environment (and even gets on well with the cat). He is well behaved when home alone and he is so gentle! 

I couldn’t recommend the breed enough and it feels so good to have given him a home and a family! 

If you would like to find out more about giving a home to a retired racing greyhound, get in touch with The Greyhound Trust. They always have hundreds of dogs waiting to be adopted.

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