8 week old puppy

The first week with a new puppy will be exciting – and exhausting. If you’re a first time dog owner, then this will be as new to you as it is your puppy.

9 week old puppy

You and your puppy will be getting to know each other and they should be starting to feel more settled in their new home.

10 week old puppy

You may be starting to get into a routine with your new puppy – but don’t despair if you’re experiencing the ‘puppy blues’, you’re not alone.

12 week old puppy

Your puppy will be growing rapidly and getting to grips to the world around them.

4 month old puppy

Your puppy should now be sleeping through the night and be housetrained, but prepared for the occasional accident.

6 month old puppy

At 6 months old, your puppy is considered to be an adolescent. Be prepared for some teenage behaviour!

1 year old dog

Congratulations! It’s your puppy’s first birthday. With the first year behind you, life should start to get easier.