Your 9 week old puppy

Your 9 week old puppy

As you get to know each other, your puppy should be starting to feel more settled in their new home. Here’s what to expect with your 9-week-old puppy.

Things to do this week:

Potty training

It’s still early days, but you can probably spot the signs that your puppy wants to pee or poo and are starting to get into toilet training routine.

Puppy training & socialisation

Use these early weeks to introduce your puppy to new experiences. At this age, puppies are particularly inquisitive and interested in new things. You can also start with some basic dog training, such as teaching your dog to sit and stay.

Common questions you may ask this week

My 9 week old puppy is biting

Puppies start teething at about 8-9 weeks old. They will chew on and bite things – and you – to relieve the pain and dislodge their baby teeth. Puppies also bite – or mouth – as a way of exploring new things. You can teach your puppy to be gentle and to not nip or bite. Give them lots of good quality chew toys and rotate them so they don’t get bored of the same toy.

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How long can you leave a 9 week old puppy alone? 

Puppies are like babies and will get anxious if they are left alone. This may cause them to poo or wee in the house. Even adult dogs can get stressed if they are left alone for a long time. This is because dogs are social animals and like company. If you work and can’t take your dog with you, consider doggy day care or using a dog walker

Your puppy will need to learn to be left alone. There are things you can do to make this as stress-free as possible for your dog. 

When does it get easier with a puppy?

As a new puppy parent, you will be adjusting to a new routine and maybe getting less sleep than normal. It’s common to feel overwhelmed as a new puppy owner. 

Support for you during your puppy’s first year

Join our Puppy Parenting Club for tips, tools and support from the early days with your new puppy right up to their first birthday and beyond.

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