Join our Puppy Parenting Club!

Join our Puppy Parenting Club!

Join Our Family Dog’s Puppy Parenting Club and we’ll help you to get off to the best start with your puppy. Take advantage of our 20% discount. Instead of £24.99, you will pay a one-off payment of just £19.99 for exclusive access to expert tips and tools to support you through the first year.

Why join our Puppy Parenting Club? 

Having a puppy is much harder than I ever imagined; I worry that I’m not doing things right.”

From the first day home with your new puppy, they will need to learn key life skills. Having left their mum and breeder, it’s now over to you to help your puppy to learn and develop into a happy, confident, well-behaved dog.

The first year is the most important period in your puppy’s development. It’s also the time, without the right knowledge or support when puppy problems can set in.

As a first-time puppy parent, our Puppy Goals, Puppy Parenting Toolkits and Your New Puppy: the first 60 days online tutorial have been designed to guide you through this critical phase in your puppy’s development.

Raising a puppy is a huge responsibility – something that often takes new puppy parents by surprise. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious about whether you are doing things right. This is normal – and we’re here to support you.

Membership benefits

As a member of the Puppy Parenting Club, you’ll get exclusive access to a range of resources to help you and your puppy get off to the best start in life.

1. Watch the online tutorial: Your New Puppy – the first 60 days

Your New Puppy: the first 60 days will guide you through the early weeks of puppy parenting. In this 25 minute tutorial, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get into a good routine from day one
  • What to expect from eight weeks to four months
  • Common puppy problems and what you can do to prevent them
  • Your puppy’s socialisation and training needs
  • How you may be feeling and what to do if you’re finding things difficult

Watch the trailer to learn more.

2. Achieve your Puppy Goals!

The Puppy Goals are a set of targets for you to work through and teach your puppy important life skills. This will support them to develop into a happy, confident, well-behaved family dog. The Puppy Goals will also help you to monitor your puppy’s development and make sure you are on track for meeting their important socialisation milestones. There’s a certificate at the end to celebrate your achievements!

3. Work through the Puppy Parenting Toolkits

Our Puppy Parenting Toolkits, developed by dog behaviourists are designed for the whole family to read and learn from.

Building on the wealth of information we already provide for free on our website the toolkits contain expert tips and tools, using simple, reward-based training techniques, to support your puppy’s development.

You’ll also find charts and checklists where you can record your puppy’s progress. Available to download or view on your device, the toolkits cover:

  • Your Puppy’s Schedule: getting into a good routine with your new puppy
  • Housetraining Your Puppy: tips for successful toilet training
  • Blissful Bedtimes: getting your new puppy to sleep
  • Puppy Training: how to teach your puppy the basics
  • Feeding Your Puppy: how to create problem-free mealtimes (includes advice about resource guarding & fussy eating)
  • New Experiences: helping your puppy to develop key life skills
  • Out & About: your puppy’s first steps outdoors (includes advice on recall and pulling on the lead)
  • Nip It In The Bud: how to teach your puppy to be gentle with their mouth
  • Home Alone: how to teach your dog to spend time alone and prevent separation anxiety
  • Noisy Dogs: how to prevent or stop your dog barking

4. Get expert advice and support

Read our Puppy Parenting FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions from new puppy owners. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply post a question in the forum and we’ll help you on your puppy parenting journey.

5. Get puppy care tips and advice straight to your in-box!

Subscribe to our Puppy First Year email series. We’ll send tips and advice, mapped to the age or your puppy by email.