Puppy Parenting Club FAQs

Puppy Parenting Club FAQs

Got a question about the Puppy Parenting Club? Find answers in these FAQs.

What is the Puppy Parenting Club? 

Think of it as the instruction manual that you wish your puppy came with! As a member of the Puppy Parenting Club, you’ll get all the help and advice you need to survive the first year and beyond with your new puppy.

In a survey of dog owners carried out by the RSPCA, many people reported problem behaviours in their dogs, including pulling on the lead, chasing other animals, separation anxiety, resource guarding and fear of loud noises. The Puppy Goals and Puppy Parenting Toolkits will help you to teach your puppy important life skills to prevent problem behaviours from occurring, with guidance on what to do if problems set in.

  • Work through the Puppy Goals, a series of training and socialisation targets for teaching your puppy key life skills, from eight weeks to one year, with development milestones, mapped to the age of your puppy to help you track your puppy’s progress.
  • Access our series of Puppy Parenting Toolkits; with easy, step-by-step advice, suitable for the whole family; to help you raise a happy, confident dog. 
  • Check in with others in our members-only community forum, where friendly help and support will be on hand!
  • Subscribe to our Puppy’s First Year email series to receive regular tips; mapped to the age of your puppy, from eight weeks to their first birthday. 

How much does it cost to join? 

As a not-for-profit organisation, we aim to keep our costs as low as possible by charging a one-off payment of just £24.99. If you would prefer, you can PAYG to download our Puppy Parenting Toolkits for just £2.79 each. However, you can access all 10 toolkits as part of the Puppy Parenting Club package (you savfe more than 10%).

I live outside of the UK. Can I still join? 

Yes – whilst some of the guidance is geared towards UK dog owners, the resources are suitable for all new puppy parents, wherever you live. At the checkout, your payment details will automatically convert to your local currency. 

I haven’t got a puppy yet. Can I still join? 

Absolutely! You can join the Puppy Parenting Club at any time, and use the opportunity to prepare for your puppy’s arrival. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Puppy First Year email series as soon as your puppy arrives. You can do this at My Account > Manage Email Subscriptions.

You may also find our Getting a Puppy e-learning course helpful. It’s free and suitable for all the family. 

Are my payment details safe? 

All payments are processed using a secure online processing system. Payments can be made using Stripe or PayPal. Our Family Dog does not collect or keep any payment details.

How do I cancel or amend my Puppy Parenting Club subscription?

We have changed our payment plan from a monthly subscription model to a one-off payment. If you joined us by subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time at My Account > Subscriptions. You can also manage whether you want your subscription to automatically renew or you can set it to manual renewal if you would prefer. Simply adjust the toggle button. If you have made a one-off payment of £24.99 to join the Puppy Parenting Club, you do not need to do anything.

You can find more in our terms & conditions

I’ve got a discount code. Where do I enter it?

You will first need to select your subscription plan – annual or monthly – then click on the ‘Join the Puppy Club’ button. At the next screen, before you enter your billing details, you will be prompted to enter your discount code. The amount you need to pay will be adjusted, which you can then check before you enter your payment details. If you experience any problems with entering your discount code, please email contactus@ourfamilydog.org.uk.

How do I subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the Puppy First Year email series? 

You can subscribe to the Puppy First Year email series at My Account > Email Subscriptions. You can unsubscribe by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in the footer of the email. 

What is Our Family Dog?

Our Family Dog is a not for profit organisation which was set up in 2019 to provide support to first time dog owners. We’ve produced a range of resources, working with dog behaviourists and animal welfare organisations, to help people to get a puppy responsibly and safely, prepare for their puppy’s arrival, and give their pet the best start in life. Find out more about our work; and read our guiding principles, which we’ve developed to support dog owners to meet the health, happiness and welfare needs of their dogs.

How do I contact Our Family Dog?

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