Your puppy’s first night

Your puppy’s first night

The first night will be hard as this will be your puppy’s first time away from mum. It’s quite likely your new puppy will cry. This is because they have been used to company. Here’s five tips for your puppy’s first night:

1. Prepare your puppy

Before you bring your puppy home, take a small blanket to the breeder and ask them to put this in with your puppy and litter mates. Your puppy will then have something that smells familiar, which can provide comfort during those first few nights.

2. Make time for play

Spend time playing with your puppy before bedtime, but don’t over-excite them, to keep them awake until you are ready to turn in.

3. Prepare for toilet trips

Take your puppy to the toilet – bear in mind you may need to take a few toilet trips during the night.

4. Get into a bedtime routine

Decide where your puppy should sleep the first night. It is a good idea for them to sleep in their own bed, rather than yours, to help establish a good puppy bedtime routine. If you’re going to be using a puppy crate, some people prefer to take this into the bedroom or near the bedroom to start with, to help to settle a puppy on the first night and let them know you are nearby. You can then gradually move the crate into their own space as your puppy stops waking at night.

5. Take a rest

Try to get some sleep yourself – caring for a new puppy can leave you feeling tired and stressed.

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