Your new puppy: the first 60 days

Your new puppy: the first 60 days

This online tutorial will guide you through the early weeks with your new puppy and help you to get set up for life with a dog.

Getting off to the best start with a puppy

The first 60 days – from 8 to 16 weeks – can be the most challenging with a young puppy as you get to know each other and find your way with your new routine.

And it’s the most critical period in your puppy’s development when they need your help to learn key life skills so that they can grow into a happy, healthy, confident, well-behaved dog. In this 25 minute tutorial, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get into a good routine from day one
  • What to expect from eight weeks to four months
  • Common puppy problems and what you can do to prevent them
  • Your puppy’s socialisation and training needs
  • How you may be feeling and what to do if you’re finding things difficult

Your New Puppy: the first 60 days is for members of the Puppy Parenting Club. Register today to watch.