Your 6 month old puppy

Your 6 month old puppy

At 6 months old, your puppy is considered to be an adolescent. Be prepared for some teenage behaviour!

Things to do this month:

Spay or castrate

As your puppy hits puberty, they may become sexually interested in other dogs and start marking, straying or humping Ask your vet about having your dog spayed or castrated to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Ask your vet for advice about when this should be done. Your puppy need to be emotionally, socially and mentally mature before being neutered.

Dog training

You may have graduated from puppy school, but you’ll need to keep up with the training. If you start to experience problem behaviour in your dog, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from a properly qualified dog trainer or behaviourist

Common questions you may ask this month

How much exercise does a 6 month old puppy need? 

An energetic 6 month old puppy will benefit from a good half an hour’s walk a couple of times a day. Mental stimulation is particularly important in young dogs, so make time every day for training, playing, sniffing and learning. Dogs love having the space to run around and have a good sniff – this is part of their natural behaviour. Take your dog to different places to give them a change to experience new smells. Check it is safe for them to be let off the lead, or use a long lead if you are still perfecting your recall.

How much will my puppy grow after 6 months? 

At around 6 months, your puppy’s growth rate will start to slow down. If your dog is a large breed they will continue to grow, up until the age of two. A smaller breed may be close to their adult size by this age.  

Advice and support throughout your puppy’s first year

Wishing your puppy came with an instruction manual? Join our Puppy Parenting Club for step-by-step advice and tools to support you through the first year.

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