Your 1 year old dog

Your 1 year old dog

Congratulations! It’s your puppy’s first birthday. With the first year behind you, life should start to get easier.

The year ahead

Keep up with the training

Your dog may look like an adult, but at times will still behave like a puppy so it’s wise to keep going with the training as they start to test their independence.

The end of teething

You’ll be relieved to hear that most dogs will have finished teething by their first birthday, but that doesn’t always signal an end to the chewing phase. Some dogs chew because they are bored or lonely. Make sure your dog has plenty of toys and company to keep any unwanted chewing at bay.

Switch to adult dog food

Now’s the time to switch your dog from a puppy diet to an adult diet – some smaller breeds move to adult diet sooner than this, at around 9 months. Follow the guidance on your dog’s food or consult your vet for advice.

Watch the weight

Keep a close eye on your dog’s weight. Dogs can easily pile on the pounds, which can cause them health problems, just like humans. Make sure you know what dogs can and can’t eat.

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