When is it OK to take a puppy outside?

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    My puppy will be 8 weeks when I get him and it will be another four weeks before I can walk him outside. I know these early weeks are important for socialisation, so how do we do manage this if we can’t take him out?

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    There’s a fine balance to be had between protecting your puppy from infectious diseases and making sure they are exposed to new people, sounds and experiences during the all-important puppy socialisation period. This is between 4-12 weeks of age, when puppies are most receptive to and least likely to be scared by new experiences. It’s fine to take your puppy into your garden, provided it is clean and secure, and to introduce your puppy to other dogs, as long as they have been fully vaccinated. Read more in our guides on talking puppies outside and puppy training, which includes information about puppy socialisation:

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    Yaa. you can take your puppy outside. it is not bad for puppy.

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