Puppy Parenting Club: getting started

Puppy Parenting Club: getting started

New to the Puppy Parenting Club? Here’s how to create your profile, start work on your Puppy Goals, and find expert advice in our puppy parenting toolkits and forum. Not yet a member? Here’s how to join.

Creating your profile

Head over to My Account to create your profile. While you’re there, you can create a profile for your dog too.

Your profile and your dog’s name and bio will be visible to other members of the Puppy Parenting Club. However, all other areas of your Account are private to you. We’ve added some additional fields in your dog’s profile, which you may find helpful for recording key dates or making notes to help you achieve your Puppy Goals. 

Finding your way around

You will find links to all of your Puppy Parenting Club resources in My Account. This includes:

Your New Puppy: online tutorial

First-time puppy owners told us that they most need help during the first few months. This is why we’ve created Your New Puppy: the first 60 days: an online tutorial which will take you step-by-step from eight weeks to fours months with your new puppy. Watch Your New Puppy: the first 60 days now.

The Puppy Goals

The Puppy Goals can be found in My Account. Or you can use this link to take you straight there. The Goals are private, only you can view and update them. Read more about the Puppy Goals to help you get started.

Puppy Parenting Toolkits

The Puppy Parenting Toolkits are downloadable resources covering everything you need to work through your Puppy Goals. The toolkits contain expert tips and tools and cover issues such as:

  • Getting in a good routine with your new puppy
  • How to avoid common problems with toilet training
  • How to train your new puppy to sleep at night
  • What you can do to prevent and address unwanted barking
  • How to prevent separation anxiety by training your puppy to spend time alone at home
  • And much more…

Read and download the Puppy Parenting Toolkits.

Members-only forum

We’ve created a private space for you to be able to ask questions without fear of judgement.

You can be sure that the advice you will receive from our moderators aligns with the latest scientific evidence in dog welfare. This means that we will only ever refer to reward-based training methods, and we will only promote, and allow the promotion of dog trainers and behaviourists that are accredited to the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC). The ABTC is the regulatory body for dog trainers and behaviourists in the UK.

Post a question n in the forum now.