Getting a puppy

Button the Bernese: living with elbow dysplasia

Bernese Mountain Dog Button was diagnosed at seven months old with Elbow Dysplasia, a painful and debilitating hereditary disease, which required lengthy and painful surgery. Here’s her story, as told by her owner Annie Wilson. At the time of her diagnosis, Button was training to work with me as an emotional

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The truth about puppy farming

In this sad but heartwarming story, puppy farming campaigner Janetta Harvey shares her experience of life with her wonderful dogs who were rescued from the cruel puppy trade.  When five month old Albert Claude breezed into our world in February 2019, he brought with him a vibrancy and innocence that had

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A year and a half on with our nervous dog

When looking for a puppy, Norbert and his wife knew they should choose one that was inquisitive and confident. Florence was anything but. However, just as they were about to walk away, they spotted something in Florence that changed their minds. Eighteen months on, life with nervous dog Florence has

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And then there were two!

Harvey, the working cocker spaniel, literally bounced into Rachel and her family’s life in 2018 following the loss of their much-loved westie. Not deterred by Harvey's energy, he's recently been joined by pup number two, Hazel. Here's Rachel's story. After 14 years in 2018 we lost our beloved westie Woody. We're

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Life with my loveable but over-excited dog

Physical exercise and mental stimulation are really important for a dog’s wellbeing. But for some dogs it can be too much of a good thing. Read Caroline’s story about her over-excited dog, Jimmy the Whippet, and how she brought calm to his life.  It took us a long time to decide

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Choosing the perfect puppy for our family

If you’re thinking about getting your first puppy, but stuck on how to go about it, you may find Natalie's story helpful. Find out how she went about choosing the perfect puppy, Hugo, for her family. We always knew we would get a dog one day, but we

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