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Parvovirus in dogs: vets warn of a surge in cases

Are your dog’s vaccinations up to date? Vets are warning of an increase in the number of cases of parvovirus in dogs; which can be fatal, particularly for puppies. Here's more about this disease and how to protect your dog.  What is parvovirus?  Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease in dogs. It

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4 great benefits of having a dog in your life

There are so many great reasons to share our lives with a dog. From being faithful companions and boosting our health and wellbeing to showering us with unconditional love. Here’s four great benefits of having a dog in your life. Companionship

“He is so happy to see us he u-bends. Even

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Coronavirus: advice for dog owners

We understand that you may have questions about coronavirus (covid-19), such as whether your dog is at risk of infection and how to care for them if you need to self-isolate. Here’s the latest advice for dog owners from public health and veterinary officials.  Can dogs catch and spread coronavirus?  There is

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