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Who gets the dog after a divorce?

Divorce is, of course, an extremely stressful and difficult time for all involved, and a situation that can become more contentious when a pet is involved. Both parties will likely have a strong emotional connection to their four-legged friend, so how does a court decide who takes responsibility for the

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Dogs and a new baby: how to plan for your new arrival

It can be a testing period for any new parent but for dog owners the competing demands of a new baby and a dog can add another level of stress to those already chaotic first weeks. Dog trainer Aileen Stevenson KPA CTP, IMDT, has written a new book called Dogs,

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Renting with pets

New rules were introduced in early 2021 to make it easier for pet owners who rent their homes to find somewhere to live. So what difference has this rule change made to renting with pets - are dogs now welcome?  What was the rule change?  With just 7% of landlords offering pet

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Is my dog jealous?

You’re enjoying a lovely cuddle with your children when your dog demands your attention. If you don’t respond, he barks and won’t leave you alone. If this sounds familiar, you might think your dog is jealous. But are dogs capable of feeling this way? Debby Lucken, from Kids Around Dogs,

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Dogs on school grounds

If you walk children to school, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your dog some exercise too. Before you do, make sure you’ve swotted up on the do’s and don’ts of dogs at the school gate. Many schools have introduced policies about dogs on school grounds. Here's what you need

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