Lucy’s Law: what it means for buying and selling puppies

Lucy’s Law makes it illegal for third party commercial traders to sell puppies and kittens in England. Find out who Lucy was, why this law is needed, and what it means for buying and selling puppies.  The trade in puppies has long been rife with problems. This includes illegal puppy farming

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Tips for buying a puppy: avoid puppy scams

Getting a puppy is easy - right? Sadly not. Many puppy buyers get scammed by rogue breeders or traders. Their only interest is to make a quick buck from a sale of a puppy to unsuspecting buyers. With a seasonal peak in sales anticipated, here’s our tips for buying a

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Your chance to discover dogs!

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, but not sure what breed or type will best suit your lifestyle, then you might like to head  along to Discover Dogs in London in October.  This exclusively canine-themed event, which is organised by

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Take part in a dog owner research project

If you're thinking about getting a dog, you could be part of a brand new exciting research project. This is being run by the University of Bristol. The aim of The UK Dog Project is to learn more about dog ownership in the UK. This includes the decisions we make

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