Dog activities

A beginner’s guide to Canicross

If you’re a dog owner who enjoys running and being outdoors, Canicross could be just the thing for you. Read this guide written by Emily Thomas from K9 Trail Time to learn more about this increasingly popular pastime, discover the benefits for dogs - and their owners - and find

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Fun dog agility: what it is and why it’s great for your dog

In recent years, dog agility has become an increasingly popular activity for owners to do with their dogs, either as a competitive sport or just for fun. Fun agility focuses on building a great bond between a dog and owner. Caroline Walmsley, a qualified Fun Dog Agility Coach, explains more

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An introduction to scent work for dogs

Did you know that dogs use their sense of smell to gather and process information about their environment? In this introduction to scent work for dogs written by scent detection instructor Giulia Danielis, you’ll learn more about how your dog’s nose works and discover things you can do to help

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