Has your dog got itchy skin? How to stop them scratching

Have you noticed that your dog is scratching more than normal? In this guide, Lynsey Butler from Angell Petco talks about the reasons why dogs get itchy skin, and how a change in diet can help to address the problem. This is a sponsored post.  Now and then, you’ll notice your

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Dogs and fireworks

As fun as fireworks are, many dogs are scared by the loud bangs, whizzes, fizzes and flashing lights. This means that at certain times of the year - such as Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve and Diwali - things can get a bit stressful for dogs... and owners. Here’s what

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Puppy toilet training at night

As you have probably discovered, toilet training a puppy is a 24/7 job! Here’s some tips on puppy toilet training at night to help you get in a good routine.  How often do puppies need to pee at night?  Young puppies need to pee often - and you can expect there to

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Dog supplies: latest offers & deals

Check out these money saving deals from our affiliate partners* on dog food, dog supplies and dog accessories. Dog food Butternut Box - 50% off your first order Butternut Box delivers dog food, personalised for your dog, to your door. When you sign up, you'll be asked some questions about your dog's age,

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Do puppies sleep a lot? Puppies and sleep

Some of the most common questions that first-time puppy owners ask are about puppies and sleep.  Here’s five frequently asked questions.  1. Do puppies sleep a lot? If this is your first puppy, you may be surprised to find that puppies do indeed sleep a lot. Just like babies, puppies need lots

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