Dog care

Caring for your dog during the COVID pandemic

As a dog owner, you may have questions about how to care for, socialise and exercise your puppy or dog during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this guide we cover issues such as how to make sure your dog continues to get the exercise they need, what to do if they need

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Has your dog got itchy skin? How to stop them scratching

Have you noticed that your dog is scratching more than normal? In this guide, Lynsey Butler from Angell Petco talks about the reasons why dogs get itchy skin, and how a change in diet can help to address the problem. This is a sponsored post.  Now and then, you’ll notice your

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Puppy grooming: your puppy’s first haircut

Are you ready to book your puppy in for their first haircut? Cheryl Greenhough from Country Canines Grooming shares her puppy grooming tips to help you prepare for your puppy's first trim.   Why use a professional groomer? Whether you have a smooth haired breed like a Dachshund or a long-haired

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5 Ways to Entertain Your Dog

Dogs really benefit from going out for regular walks every day. But did you know that there are lots of ways to entertain your dog at home? Animal welfare consultant Suzanne Rogers shares 5 ways to keep your dog busy without leaving the house.  The belief that dogs require multiple walks

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