New puppy tips

Puppy toilet training at night

As you have probably discovered, toilet training a puppy is a 24/7 job! Here’s some tips on puppy toilet training at night to help you get in a good routine.  How often do puppies need to pee at night?  Young puppies need to pee often - and you can expect there to

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Do puppies sleep a lot? Puppies and sleep

Some of the most common questions that first-time puppy owners ask are about puppies and sleep.  Here’s five frequently asked questions.  1. Do puppies sleep a lot? If this is your first puppy, you may be surprised to find that puppies do indeed sleep a lot. Just like babies, puppies need lots

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Puppy grooming: your puppy’s first haircut

Are you ready to book your puppy in for their first haircut? Cheryl Greenhough from Country Canines Grooming shares her puppy grooming tips to help you prepare for your puppy's first trim.   Why use a professional groomer? Whether you have a smooth haired breed like a Dachshund or a long-haired

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When do puppies get easier?

If you’ve recently welcomed your first puppy into your life, you may be wondering if you've done the right thing. Here’s what you need to know about the early days with your new puppy and the answer to that burning question...'when do puppies get easier?' Just like having a baby,

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Taking care of a puppy during the coronavirus pandemic

Caring for a new puppy can be really hard work at the best of times but with the introduction of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus you may be finding things particularly difficult. Here’s some tips and advice about taking care of a puppy during the coronavirus pandemic.  Picking up

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Lucy’s Law: what it means for buying and selling puppies

Lucy’s Law makes it illegal for third party commercial traders to sell puppies and kittens in England. Find out who Lucy was, why this law is needed, and what it means for buying and selling puppies.  The trade in puppies has long been rife with problems. This includes illegal puppy farming

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Why is my puppy crying at night?

Puppies generally go through a period of anxiety as they settle into their new home and often cry at night. Read on to find out the reasons for your puppy crying at night, what you can do to settle your puppy and how long this period will last.  Why do puppies

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What’s the best way to toilet train a puppy?

If you’re a new puppy owner, you’ll want to know the best way to toilet train a puppy. We asked our community of dog owners who have been through the puppy toilet training experience to share their top tips. Here’s what they told us:  Plan ahead

“We got our puppy

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4 common new puppy problems you may be experiencing

If you’ve recently got a puppy and are finding things tough, don’t despair as you’re not alone. It’s really common for new puppy owners to face challenges in the early months. Here’s four common new puppy problems that you may be experiencing. My puppy keeps peeing in the house As young puppies

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