Walk your dog ‘around the globe’ and help raise money for Schnauzerfest

October 18, 2020

Would you like to help raise funds for a charity to support dogs rescued from puppy farms? Join in with Schnauzerfest Walks The Globe and collectively walk around the world – five times.  

Schnauzerfest, which helps to raise funds to pay for veterinary treatment for dogs from puppy farms, had a series of fundraising events planned for this year, including the Schnauzerfest Walk, which has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic.

Instead, supporters are invited to pledge a number of miles they are willing to walk – with or without a dog – which will be added to a grand total on the Schnauzerfest website. To date, almost 60,000 miles have been pledged by dog lovers. The target is 124, 505 miles – which is the equivalent of walking the globe five times – by the end of December! 

Now in its 7th year, Schnauzerfest has raised over £250,000, of which every penny has gone to small animal rescues. As well as raising money to benefit rescue dogs, at the heart of Schnauzerfest is a commitment to raising awareness of the cruel world of puppy farming

A way to give back

Schnauzerfest is the creation of writer Janetta Harvey, who adopted Susie-Belle, a Schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy farm. Read Janetta’s story about the dog’s she’s rescued from puppy farms: ‘The truth about puppy farming

“When Susie-Belle came out of the puppy farm, she was in a terrible state,” Janetta said. “I didn’t know a huge amount about puppy farms before I got her, but now I do. She was traumatised and damaged by that industry. 

“For me, Schnauzerfest was a way of raising money and to give something back. I just mentioned organising a walk to a few friends in 2014 and thought a few people would turn up and donate a few pounds. Since then, thousands of people and their dogs have joined in an event, in person or from their sofa.

“It’s only through people caring enough about dogs saved from puppy farms to want to do something to help, that support, money, donations and help of all kinds floods to us each year. And although it may not be realised, at the heart of much of the support coming from the Schnauzer community lies Susie-Belle. She was the dog who motivated me to document her journey, make it public and to keep doing so, year after year so that her suffering, like that of every dog in a breeding facility, would never be forgotten.

Sign up!

Schnauzerfest Walks The Globe, is open from 1 October until 31 December 2020. Get involved by signing up, pledging your miles and sharing your pledge with others to encourage donations to the JustGiving collection.