Tips for buying a puppy & avoiding puppy scams

December 27, 2020

Getting a puppy is easy – right? Sadly not. Many puppy buyers get scammed by rogue breeders or traders. Their only interest is to make a quick buck from a sale of a puppy to unsuspecting buyers. Here’s some tips for buying a puppy and how to avoid puppy scams. 

Christmas and the summer months – particularly during the school holidays – used to be peak times for getting a puppy. But this last year has seen a huge surge in puppy buying during the COVID pandemic.

Puppy scams

Unfortunately, these peaks in puppy buying also mean that people are susceptible to puppy scams. These unscrupulous traders play on people’s emotions, knowing how difficult it is to walk away from a cute puppy. According to the RSPCA, reports about puppy farms in the UK have soared by 390 per cent in the last decade. The UK puppy trade is big business. It is reported that puppy smugglers can make as much money as drug dealers. 

There is some good news, however, for puppy buyers. A new law called Lucy’s Law bans the sale of puppies from third parties, for example. This means that puppies can now only be sold directly by the breeder and not via pet shops or online traders.

Buyer beware

Despite steps being taken to crack down on the puppy trade, caveat emptor or ‘buyer beware’ remains the all-important message to puppy buyers. To help puppy buyers prepare for and find their perfect puppy, we’ve developed a Getting a Puppy e-learning course. In this free course you will learn about:

  • How to choose the right breed or type of dog for your lifestyle
  • How to buy or adopting a puppy safely
  • What you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy
  • What to expect in the first year

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